SEO Competition is being held! Judges, Sponsors and Competitors are invited!

First SEO Competition in Japan

Sponsors (this page is in Japanese) and Judges (this page is in Japanese) for the 2nd SEO Competition are wanted.
The unique accesses for this website from 03/Jan/05 - 09/Jan/05 were average 8,800 per day.

* Enquiries on Sponsors and Mass Media are to be forwarded here.

The Second SEO Competition Rule

The alterations of the rule from The First SEO Competition (this page is in Japanese) are shown in Red color text below.

* Targeted Search Engines
  • Google Japan. And if a certain webpage would win with all of YST, msn (beta) (if it becomes the regular version, that will be applied) and above Google Japan, the webmaster would get 3 prizes.
*Categories to compete

No categories will be made in forthcoming competition, either. We considered to making two categories of "HTML" and "Blog" that many people requested but decided not to do so due to the following reasons.

  • It is not practially orientated SEO.
    Nobody will expect to search "HTML" and "Blog" separately.
  • The prizes cannot be divided.
    There is only one top prize, supposing a prasma TV, which cannot be divided into 2 winners of "HTML" and "Blog" categories.
* Keyword
  • We invite the proposals from you what keyword is applied for 2nd SEO Competition. You can suggest your idea from Keyword Proposal (this page is in Japanese) which should reach us from 8 January, 2005 to 10 January, 2005.
* How to take part
  • If you should upload your webpage to the public in which the keyword(s) is/are shown, it will be taken as your sign to take part in the competition.
  • A competitor should declare its intention in the webpage to join in the competition to paste the following source without changing. It is imperative to include the said source text in your webpage to clarify your will to attend. The declaration source was changed.
* Coditions and Rule to join
  • No age limit is set. However, should a minor win a prize and we think it is not suitable for the age, we might ask its parents' agreement or be changed to another one of which right we reserve.
  • Anyone can join in the competition who observes the order and aim for the proper SEO. You can be a private person, or commercial companies.
  • You can ask a professional SEO service to optimise your webpage at your discretion. Needless to say but your own personal SEO technique is most welcome.
  • The hosts and the judges of this competition cannot take part.
  • Should you intend to compete with your "Blog", please pay the careful attention to the trackback in the below mentioned.
    The basic concept is not to disturb or offend [those who are NOT taking part in the competition]
    Competitors Not Competitors
    Allow trackback Paste the Competitor declaration source It is at your discretion if or not to paste trackback OK banner Past trackback OK banner or apprently state to accept trackbacks.
    Disallow trackbacks --- Paste trackback NG banner or state nothing.
    *Trackback OK banner

    *Trackback NG banner

    We look for volunteer persons who help us lighten our server for downloading the images above. Should you be willing to let us use your server for downloading the images, please upload them to your server and advise us its URL from here. The mirror sites will be shown here at random.

* Prohibitions
  • SEO spams
  • Deed to disallow the robots to cache the page.
    The following tag/element is not allowed because it cannot be judged with the cloaking.
  • Any links to the webpages not suitable for the minors from any SEO Competition webpages. (Match making sites are regarded as not suitable for minors)
  • Any links to the webpages for network businesses (MLM), pyramid businesses, and any other links from any SEO Competition webpages which the hosts, judges and sponsors do not desire.
  • Any links to the webpages for offending or attacking other people from any SEO Competition webpages.
  • Any SEO Competition webpages to offend or attack the hosts, judges and sponsors.
  • Any changes of declaration source text for SEO Competition joining. (e.g. to change the link to other webpages than SEO-Association)
  • Any deeds to infringe the others' copyrights.
  • Trackbacks to the other blogs which do NOT state [Competitor's declaration] or [Trackback OK banner]
* Assessment criteria and methods
  • The final assessment will be made by the judges by figuring out the average ranking orders of searching to print out in PDF files within two hours after closing the competition. The judges will check if or not any offences are recognised.
  • The search is done in the way of standard (without utilising "Advanced Search" or "Preferences"). The searches will be conducted ten times with Google Japan, twenty times with YST and ten times with msn (beta)
  • In case of alteration of "Competitor's Declaration Source" found, the ranking orders will be descent for ten.
* Conditions of WEB sites
  • Original domains and sub domains can be used. ISP's webspace is also acceptable.
  • Japanese or overseas free webspace can be utilised. However, it will get disqualified if the advertisements for adult purposes or match making or any others that the hosts, judges or sponsors regard not suitable.
  • You can compete with free BLOG. However, it will get disqualified if the advertisements for adult purposes or match making or any others that the hosts, judges or sponsors regard not suitable.
  • We do not set the limit for the size of the webpage but it should not be too large.
* Language
  • Only Japanese language.
* Technical Conditions
  • Any types of source codes like HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, CGI, SSI are acceptable unless they offend the competition rule.
* Prizes
  • The prizes will be presented to the winners for the superior winners from the sponsors. The prizes will be despatched to the winners directly from the sponsors.
  • The higher ranking winners can choose the better preferable the prizes.
  • If someone should win the Number 1 with all of Google, YST, msn (beta) (if it becomes the regular version, that will be applied) search engines, the three prizes would be given.
* Competition Result Announcement * SEO-Association Management
  • SEO-Association is run and managed with the income of sponsors' advertisements and your donations.
SEO Competition Rule
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